Meet me: Muthia Kamal Putri, MD.

Rebellion by origin, compassionate by design. Born gifted, out of the box thinker, highly creative, intuitive, and curious.

Muthia Kamal Putri is a physician who fueled by her passion in majoring the nuances of dermatovenereology, thus she tries to learn more about every DV cases such as; allergo-immunology, dermato-infection, dermato-surgery, dermato-pathology, and cosmetodermatology. It almost feels like a life call and considers herself a ‘long life student’.

She is also wholeheartfully posses an everlasting enthusiasm in beauty industries, music, movies, and photography. She used to play saxophone during her high school days.

Proclaimed her self as an ambivert wallflower and enjoy get approached by private. Hence she doesn’t owned any social media platform except her youtube account. Reach out to her linkedin to connect!