Welcome to my life!

Credits to Simple Plan for the catchy phrase, yet I’ll give you just a glimpse of it on this page.

My full name is Ni Gusti Ayu Amanda Dharmaningputri, but people call me Amanda or Manda for short. I studied in Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia and graduated in 2019. I received my Bachelor of Medical Science with Honors degree from Monash University in 2016.

I spend most of my days either working at hospital/clinic or working out at any fitness center. Hospital/clinic gives me adrenaline rush, while any fitness center helps to boost dopamine and serotonin levels. So, to all my beloved friends and patients, if my words and smiles are not kind enough, it’s probably because I haven’t had the time to work out!

I think being upfront is a really good thing. You speak or behave in such a way so that things are clear. That way, no assumption shall be made. Similar like our organ, the integumentary system. When things aren’t well, they show you and you can see it and even touch it (with permission of course if it’s not your own). Acne, flare-ups, dermatitis, you name it. That is why I am interested in learning more about our integumentary system because this system is being upfront and Dermapamine serves a good platform to share the interest.

So, welcome Dopamine Seekers to this website and let us be mesmerized by the majestic organ of our body, the skin.