Dear Dopamine Seekers – Dermapamine Readers,

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to introduce myself to Dopamine Seekers – Dermapamine Readers.

I’m Maria Taurina Christabella and I joined the Dermapamine Team 1 year ago. I am very blessed to get to know individuals on the Dermapamine Team who are also interested in the field of Dermato-Venereology, so that we can share knowledge, support each other.

I graduated from Maranatha Christian University, Bandung. There were many ups and downs during my undergraduate education and medical profession. but among my experiences in medical education, I also found an interest in Dermato-Venereology. I studied so many things, including skin and genital cases and emergency cases in Dermatology. Not only that, when I went through my internship and work, I also found cases of skin and genitals that were of interest to me. This makes me want to deepen my knowledge and experience in diagnosing and treating patients in the field of Dermato-Venereology. Because not a few cases of skin and genitals cause a person’s quality of life to be disturbed and this can also be experienced by children!

Behind my difficult time in education, I am very grateful to my parents, friends, and other friends who always encourage me to stay enthusiastic in learning and keep up the good work, because a doctor is a lifelong learner.
By joining Dermapamine, I hope that I can increase my experience, especially in terms of writing using trusted sources and updated journals on Social Media Instagram and on the Dermapamine website as well as increasing my experience in designing infographics.

Keep up the good work because every effort counts!

As doctors we still have to live out our role as lifelong learners, so take as much knowledge as possible from our life experiences 🙂

Best Regards,
Maria Taurina Christabella