As an aspiring youth, I was spending years of my late 18’s to 20’s in studies, labs, and hospital, just a typical perks of medical scholar. I’ve always wanted to become a doctor ever since the middle school years. It was almost felt like a ‘life calling’ job, to be able to aknowledge the art-science of dermatovenereology departement. I was driven by a laser sharp focus, entertained-mind, and endless curiousity to gain more understanding at the major.

This platform was named after a long thoughts where the terms ‘derma’ and ‘dopamine’ popped up in my mind and collided into one phrase called ‘Dermapamine’. I was captivated by the meaning as I recall every hardships, ups and downs, thicks and thins — I faced in medical school was somehow got me at ease due to my dopamine rush in learning the subject. I got my self entertained by it, it almost felt like watching an adventurous movies, reading fascinating comic books, or enjoying them in very bits.

I’m also a big believer in the importance of maintaining a good skincare as an investment for ourselves, due to it’s surreal affect on our great confidence, self esteem, and bring us happy mood in everyday living. The skin and the brain (who has known responsible for executing the thoughts, intellegent, mood, and decision) were evolved from the same part of the neural tube called ectoderm of the embryo, that is why they affect one of another. It took me by surprise that the skin game affects your brain, your brain game affects your skin.

And that is, my fellas, beautify the skin, and we shall get a happy mind. Vice versa.

Warm regards,

dr. Muthia K.